Leif Claesson, creator of multiple award winning audio processors such as Aero.air™, Volume Logic™ and Omnia.9®, loudly presents:



BreakawayOne transforms your PC into a state of the art broadcast audio processor.

The consistent, clean, polished, and powerful sound of BreakawayOne attracts and holds listeners in every broadcast medium.


Processing for:

  • FM Radio
  • FM Radio with ITU BS-412 Multiplex Power regulations
  • DAB
  • HD Radio™
  • Web Radio (Internet Streaming)
  • DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale)


BreakawayOne reaches a new level of audio quality by intelligently masking distortion, placing it where it’s least likely to be heard. It’s not magic — just pure science. BreakawayOne is the best software-based processing solution both for FM, and all forms of digital broadcasting wrapped up in a software program. AM support will be available in a future update.

The difference in quality when compared to certain leading hardware processors is obvious. Where other processors strain and fall apart, BreakawayOne is loud, clear and consistent, even with extremely difficult program material. The result is a broadcast that dominates the competition with volume and punch, and a clarity that they cannot possibly achieve, while strictly abiding to modulation and power regulations.

BreakawayOne builds on the legacy of the legendary Breakaway Broadcast Processor, but is completely re-written based on Leif Claesson’s state of the art audio algorithms and road-tested platform code.

With state of the art multi-band processing and back-end peak control, BreakawayOne is the ideal choice for all forms of radio. FM Radio – Ensures loudness, punch, and clarity within legal limits. Web Radio – Attains unbelievably full, clean, and powerful sound online. HD Radio – Makes the most of the limited bit-rate. DAB Radio – Works extremely well with both MP2 and AAC Plus.

The highly integrated and flexible BreakawayOne software can process audio for multiple stations simultaneously,
and comes with an extensive library of carefully tuned presets appropriate for any format,
to get your station on the air sounding the best that it can in no time.


    • Easy to install and use.
      • A wide variety of excellent factory presets.
      • Clear and informative displays let you adjust using both eyes and ears.
      • Just the right amount of controls, labeled in plain English, such as:
        • Deep Bass
        • Warmth
        • Presence
        • Brilliance


    • Flexible.
      • Control all your processors in one simple interface.
      • Streaming built in, both sender and receiver.
      • Mix and match:
        • WDM (Kernel Streaming) audio devices
        • WAVE audio devices
        • ASIO

        Input devices and multichannel output devices can be shared between audio processing cores.

      • Virtual audio devices (Breakaway Pipeline) for connecting to other software on the same computer.
      • STL functionality
      • RDS encoder


    • Manageable.
      • Full IP remote control with:
        • Management of all your stations in one interface
        • Bandwidth-efficient locally rendered instruments and meters
        • Audio streaming, for direct remote monitoring of any input and output, including composite.
          Includes Speaker Controller for calibrated reference monitoring.
        • File recording, for troubleshooting and convenience.
      • Common Monitor Output to easily monitor all your stations as you’re making adjustments.


    • Reliable.
      • Road-tested, proven software with years and years of real-world run-time,
        written by an audio software engineer and inventor with over 20 years of industry experience.
      • Can run as a service, for robustness and security.


    • Compatible and efficient.
      • Compatible with any Windows® version from Windows XP to Windows 10, and the server versions.
      • Efficient enough to run a full FM processor even on one of the slowest PC for sale today (Atom Z3736G based tablet).


  • Competitive.
    • Loudness and clarity comparable to the most expensive hardware audio processors on the market.




Give BreakawayOne a try, download a full featured trial version of BreakawayOne Today. We think you will like it.