Price list:

Processing Cores

Basic FM 1 Basic FM Processing Core $249
Full FM 1 Full FM Processing Core $349
HD 1 HD Processing Core $149
Pass-through 1 Pass-through Core $29

Extras FM

RDS  Price is for one (1) Basic or Full FM core  $49

Extras HD

Streaming encoder  Price is for one (1) HD or Pass-through core  $79
Separate Low Latency  Price is for one (1) HD core  $49

Extras All

 Livewire/AES67  Price is for one (1) Basic, Full FM, HD or Pass-through core  $69
Management  Price is per computer. Includes full remote control, HTTP server, stream receiver, run as service  $99

Detailed description of available upgrade options for each core type






Licensable Features (Paid Options)






Please note that there are no refunds or recalls for any reason so be sure to try the trial version and make sure it works the way you want it to before you purchase a licence. Licenses are non-transferable and once you’ve upgraded the previous license is no longer authorized for use.

The Trial version works just like in the previous products, except liners only come once an hour (instead of twice) and there are twenty of them. Have you heard them all? You may want to hold off requesting that license key so you don’t miss out. 😉



You will be able to purchase BreakawayOne at our store at soon.